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Sunset's Hidden Poetry

Lonely Nights

By: K.M. Sunset

I never longed for such a memory

as when I first gazed upon your face,

for when it happened I already knew,

there'd never be another in its place.

Forever chasing, but never replacing,

that feeling of hope inside.

For in that look, forever hooked,

my heart would be until it died.

And there I'd spin, round and round again,

longing for many more memories with you,

yet, before my eyes opportunity vanished

like sunlight kissing the morning dew.

Now on dark and lonely nights,

when the demons direct my dreams, 

they make up many more memories

of a happier life with you, so it seems.

And when I cry out from the covers,

one that's not you turns on the lights.

And I conceal the truth behind the tears

that it is the longing memory of you, my love,

that haunts those lonely nights.

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