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Look Forward, Not Back

Episode 9 gave you a chance to learn a bit about the identity behind the man we have seen on stage for years. Mykul has always struck me as an entire genuine person. After this interview, I hope you can see why.

For today’s Sunset Clarity Segment, I wanted to dive a bit more into the topic of strength. A person’s strength correlates with their resilience, which is their ability to withstand hardship. Oftentimes, some of the greatest hardships a person can face are rejection, abandonment, and judgment from others in our community.

While these struggles are difficult, they become hardships in part when we dwell upon them for too long.

So when you find yourself spending more time than you’d like thinking about a particular issue, ask yourself whether the matter is within your control. Then, consider whether it will matter to you in five years. How about 10? Is this truly going to affect you, or should you stop allowing it to consume your time?

But, let’s say it is something you think might affect you for a while. For example, we often think an event like a break up can change the course of our lives. Maybe we worry an embarrassing moment will harm our reputation. However, I have learned over the course of my life that not many people are going to remember your embarrassing moments as much as you do, and no one is dwelling upon them like you do. So—chalk them up as learning experiences. Forgive yourself and move forward towards the things you want out of life.

Break ups are also tough, but I promise you that you can move forward, even if it hurts right now. You will find other people that love you for who you are, and in the short time period that may not be a significant other, but friends, family, and community members. So, let those people hold you up, and allow yourself to enjoy life again. If you believe in soul mates, remember that you don’t have to be the one always looking, because that other person is likely out there looking for you too.

How do you know when you’re ready to conquer the next big thing in life? Whether its going for a national title like Mykul or finding your next romantic interest after a break up, you’re doing something right when looking back doesn’t interest you anymore. It’s in looking forward, not backward, that you’ll find a greater amount of hope and happiness.

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