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On Body Positivity

In Episode 11 of Weathering Rainbows, we discussed the topic of body positivity. Without a doubt, developing a positive body image is a huge step on the path of building a healthier relationship with yourself. However, it’s certainly one of those things that’s easier said than done.

Get started with these four quick tips for developing a more positive view of your own body.

1. Use body positive affirmations. Whether you say them out loud or just write them in a prominent spot, affirmations can have a very positive impact on not just your body image, but on your overall mood. This can be an effective first step in building confidence and body positivity.

2. Accept compliments. Many people reflexively deny or brush off positive comments from others. However, accepting a compliment can help you internalize those positive comments. The next time you start to shrug off a positive comment, instead allow yourself to consider that it might be true.

3. Expose yourself to body positive messaging. This can mean anything from surrounding yourself with friends who make you feel good about yourself to following body positive accounts on social media. LGBTQ+ influencers and celebrities like Sam Smith, Jameela Jamil, Leon Silvers, and Munroe Burgdorf regularly post body positive content that may help you on your way to building positive body image.

4. Focus on things you like about yourself. These can be physical, or you can dig deeper. Each morning, identify two or three strengths or positive qualities you can think about when negative thoughts about your body start to surface.

This definitely isn’t an exhaustive list of ways to build body positivity. But it’s our hope that setting out with these four simple actions can help you with the most difficult step—that of getting started.

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