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On Hardships and Living a Life You Love...

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” - C.S. Lewis

Getting to where I’m at in my life was as my grandad might say “ no easy hill for climbin’ “

There were a lot of hard days. Many of those hard days I created for myself. Others were created by people who felt my worth was less than their worth as a human.

Today, I live a life I love. This doesn’t mean I’m always a chipper dude that walks in the clouds and smiles all the time. (Although, I do a lot more of that than I used to do.)

A life I love means one in which I’m 1) pursuing the things I want to pursue, 2) helping the people I want to help, 3) accepting the things I can’t change in others,

And the tough one: 4) making the difficult decisions to do the right things that need to be done even when they hurt to do them.

Things such as leaving a toxic relationship, or no longer trying to help someone when they fail to value my time and input.

It’s tough. But doing these things led to this guy in the pic. And frankly,

I’m allowed to be proud of his journey. If I read about him in a book, I’d be pretty impressed. Sometimes it’s hard to think of how much he’d impress me because I live “his” life day by day.

I hope you live a life like that too, and I pray you are able to occasionally look past the struggles to realize how they’ve led to an extraordinary destiny.

XOXO - K.M. Sunset

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