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The Spaces in Which We Seek Refuge

Episode 2 was about seeking refuge. There are many places that LGBTQ+ people go to seek refuge after braving the storm of coming out. In many cases, we tend to seek refuge in three areas of our lives: physical spaces, mental headspaces, and spiritual realms.

Our guest, Kayes, had a major change in physical space—that of having to flee his country to be open about his sexuality. For others, it is moving from a rural town to a city where we know there is safety in numbers and gay spaces. Physical Spaces can also include moving from your old family to a new chosen family, or joining your college LGBTQ+ organization.

However, we also seek refuge in various mental headspaces. Kayes is the first of what we expect to be many truly hilarious comedians on this show. While there are many unhealthy ways to cope with the mental trauma LGBTQ+ people often face, outlets such as comedy, art, and journaling can transform the pain we’ve faced. These can be positive alternatives to transmitting it to others through harmful coping mechanisms.

Finally, we seek spiritual realms that accept us. Kayes and Kurtis discussed how they came to the conclusion that sexuality and faith can actually coexist in harmony. When things get tough, it's nice to have a higher power to help us through those moments when we feel alone.

Think about what physical spaces, headspaces, and spiritual realms you have already sought in your life. Are these still serving you? Or are there better and more joyous spaces you could join? Try them out when you are safe to do so.

As you find yourself weathering rainbows, we hope you seek out safe shelter in all the places in which you take up space as an LGBTQ+ individual. Let’s continue to spread LGBTQ+ visibility and messages of acceptance until that safe shelter can be found in any space across the globe.

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