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Which Costumes Do You Wear?

In Episode 10, we touched on the costumes we wear in our day-to-day lives. Keep in mind that when we say “costumes,” we’re not talking about that Halloween mask you might pull out each October—and we’re not even referring to just clothing.

Rather, we all make adjustments to the way we look, speak, and act in order to fulfill the many roles we take on in life. These are our costumes: the versions of ourselves that we slip into before diving into a certain environment or situation. During the day, we may wear our student or professional costume. At home, we take on the role of neighbor, sibling, partner, or parent. After another costume change, we may be ready for the role of wingmate, performer, or hot date.

Often, we fit comfortably into these roles and float seamlessly through our many costume changes. However, it’s also natural to outgrow a costume. They may become tight, uncomfortable, or even constricting. They may cease to help us along the path toward achieving our goals and reaching our fullest potential.

Before slipping into your next costume, ask yourself whether it still serves you. Do you feel comfortable in this costume? Is it fulfilling its purpose? Does it accurately represent you, or is it simply a reflection of what others have come to expect you to be? Some costumes serve us well for years, decades, and even a lifetime. But don’t be afraid to tweak, update, or even reject a costume that’s no longer right for you. Consider it another step along the path of becoming your most authentic self.

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